Incorporation, Domiciliation, Administration, computerized Accounting, Audit and Luxembourg tax returns. These services include a full range of services necessary to the incorporation and the management of a Luxembourg company, such as the availability of directors, auditor, “Commissaire aux comptes”, the headquarters of the company, a corporate officer.

Incorporation, administration and management of foreign companies through associated offices in other jurisdictions.

Coordination of requests in order to obtain business licenses, work licenses and residence permits. Assistance in the context of stock exchange quotations, the issuance of government and corporate bonds as well as issuance of other credit instruments.

During the company incorporation

• Computer Accounting
• Financial Accounting
• Cost Accounting
• Tax Issues
• Tax Planning and Organization
• Annual tax Reports
• Fiscal Studies
• Intervention to tax authorities
• Applications in order to obtain authorizations of establishment and trade
• Choosing the appropriate legal form for the company
• Elaboration of the Memorandum
• Notary collaboration

For existing companies

• Business and Financial Companies

• Domiciliation
• Reorganization
• Merge, takeover
• Dissolution

• Balance Sheets

• Interim Balance Sheets
• Closing Balance Sheets
• Consolidated Balance Sheets

Accounting and consulting in commercial and/ or Industrial management

• Calculation of estimated costs

•Cost Calculation
• Calcul des coûts
• Analyses in commercial and/ or Industrial management
• Budget Planning
• Cash Flow Analysis
• Company Evaluations
• Assessments Analyses
• Tax Studies
• Profitability Calculation

• Audit

• Commissaire aux Comptes
• Auditors missions
• Business plan
• Corporate Evaluation
• Internal control procedures / Compliance

• Payroll accounting and related formalities
• Accounting Reporting
• Labor law-related studies

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