Advice and assistance regarding sustaining capital and business through the incorporation and management of holdings and family trusts.

Family office services

These services are for families who wish a long term assets value sustaining.
More specifically families with a complex heritage defined by its nature (family business, landholdings, agricultural properties and wineries), by its composition (property abroad for instance) or by its scope and where cohesion family is a goal in itself.

Based on an agreement entrusted to us

• We have an overview of your financial asset situation. So you can keep your bank advisors and managers if you wish;
• Through information received from your managers, we establish your personal financial inventory including and analyzing your other assets class.
• Together we define the optimal allocation and management strategies of your movable assets (bank portfolios, insurance contracts, loans, agreements …), real estate assets and / or professionals’ assets.
• We objectively supervise your several contacts and coordinate their actions according to your requirements.

Family Office services aim to

• Preserve family harmony,
• Ensure heritage interests conservation of the family

IAllow families who want to grow their wealth to align their projects and to organize the transfer to subsequent generations. Dedicated specialists will work with the family alongside his usual contacts.

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