International tax planning and advice as part of agreements in order to avoid double taxation whether for personal investments or companies.

Research of tax optimization:

SG Group is looking for tax optimization which is considered a way to reduce your tax burden and therefore a better way to manage your interests.

Therefore, SG Group aims to effectively apply the tax rules without putting in breach of tax laws.

Find national and international structures:

The research of these structures that encourage tax planning is done according to a specific plan:
• Establish a thorough diagnosis of your situation, your projects in order to detect current and potential problems,
• Develop tools for better internal coordination,
• Measuring the impact of your tax structure,
• Assist you in your dealings with the tax administration,
• Rely on legislation and case law in force,
• Conduct regularly a technical and legal tax eve.

Identify barriers:

SG Group works together with tax specialist in various jurisdictions in order to identify obstacles and find solutions.

Tailor made wealth management:

The introduction of a tailor made management of your wealth in a legal and fiscal framework and corresponding to your goals and your needs.

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